Published On: Thu, Jul 11th, 2019

Labour frontbencher shamed after quoting Stormzy lyrics in Commons | UK | News

Dawn Butler, the Labour Party’s shadow women and equalities minister quoted Stormzy lyrics in the House of Commons. The Labour frontbencher adapted the lyrics from his hit song ‘Vossi Bop’, and instead of saying “f** the Government and f**k Boris”, as in the song, Ms Butler used the word “chuck”. She said: “I hope the Minister will give assurances that women and equalities agenda will not go backwards under the new Prime Minister.

“And, to adapt Stormzy lyrics, Mr Speaker, we have to be honest. ‘Rule number two, don’t make the promise. If you can’t make the deal, just be honest’.

“‘Equalities will never die, it’s like Chuck Norris. Rather chuck this Government, and chuck Boris.”

Ms Butler sparked some laughter from colleagues on her own benches following her remarks.

But the speech in the Commons sparked fury among some social media users online, with one person branding her “embarrassing”.

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Another added: “Oh my, if this is what Labour has become, she does actually speak then, not just sits and nods, but not a word about the anti-Semitism raging through her party.”

A third said: “Is this really what we pay our taxes for?”

One even questioned whether the “standard of MP’s” could “get any lower”, while another viewer questioned who Stormzy was.

Stormzy, 25, headlined Glastonbury Festival becoming the first black British solo artist to top the bill at the festival.

During his performance, he told the crowd: “This is the greatest night of my entire life. And we’re only getting started, I promise you that.”

In his performance at the festival, the huge crowds chanted the inflammatory lyrics aimed at Tory leadership hopeful Boris Johnson.

The comments in the House of Commons from Ms Butler come after the Labour Party came under scrutiny after an explosive BBC Panorama documentary on the party’s handling of anti-Semitism allegations.

In the one-hour BBC Panorama special, senior Labour figures were accused of interfering with the disciplinary process – something Labour has denied.

Labour MPs were infuriated by the revelations made in the show. Deputy Leader Tom Watson admitted that Jeremy Corbyn’s team had “some participation” into Labour’s independent disciplinary cases into anti-Semitism.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson said the show exposed allegations he had not heard before.

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Mr Watson said: “There was a curious piece in the documentary where it said that batches of cases had been taken to the leader’s office.

“I didn’t understand quite what it meant and what the scale was. But I’ll have to follow that up in the days ahead.

“But it does seem to me that there is obviously some participation in these disciplinary cases from the leader’s office, which they are responsible for dealing with the rebuilding of trust in the Jewish community.

“This is about culture and practice. Culture takes a little bit longer to sort out. But there are actions we can take today that would help deal with anti-Semitism.”

Mr Watson insisted he will try and find out what has gone on within the Labour Party in regard to its participation into the investigation.

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