Published On: Tue, Jun 25th, 2019

South China Sea latest news: Beijing given grave Taiwan invasion warning from Ian Easton | World | News

Ian Easton, who wrote ‘The Chinese Invasion Threat’, argues that Taiwan has a “highly defensible” terrain in which an invasion would have to take place on. Longstanding disputes between the two nations have worsened in recent months, with the US backing Taiwan. According to CNN, China has resisted attacking Taiwan for seven decades, despite its political differences.

They are concerned that US intervention and the potential heavy death toll are also reasons for abandoning any such plans.

And Mr Easton says: “Taiwan has a professional military, with a strong core of American-trained experts.”

He added that an invasion would be “the most difficult and bloody mission facing the Chinese military”.

Concerns have been raised about ferrying thousands of troops across the Taiwan Strait, with few reliable landing beaches available.

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As well as political tensions, arguments have erupted over the disputed South China Sea.

China lays claim to it, but so do other nations including Taiwan.

Beijing committed only in June to ensuring no military action would happen.

At a regional security conference in June, Chinese Defence Minister Wei Fenghe said: “If anyone dares to split Taiwan from China, the Chinese military has no choice but to fight at all costs for national unity.”

Experts say Taiwan has been readying itself for conflict ever since it gained independence in 1949.

In May, the country carried out mass anti-invasion drills, which were described by Taiwan’s military spokesman Major General Chen Chung-Chi as ensuring the island was “combat ready”.

He added: “Of course, we don’t want war, but only by gaining our own strength can we defend ourselves.

“If China wants to take any action against us, it has to consider paying a painful price.”

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